Event Info

Bring the right shovel:

This is a mixed terrain pavement/gravel/sand event. Make sure to bring the right shovel. The course is best suited for a gravel bike. A hardtail mountain bike will do if you have fast tires. We recommend having tubeless, 38c or larger tires with some tread.

  1. The all new Canyon Grizl is the perfect cart to strike it rich.
  2. Take our advice and choose from IRC's gravel lineup.

Prospectin’ Pete’s Tip: “I’ll be going with Canyon Grizl for singletrack capabilities, and the IRC Boken Doublecross 42mm, it’s fast rolling for ripping the pavement yet wide enough to handle the soft sandy sections, while providing plenty of grip for the singletrack.

How to Race Paydirt

The old way of all-out racing is not the way at Stetina's Carson City Paydirt. Instead, the Paydirt consists of three timed segments to keep things competitive without separating yourself from dear friends in the dusty west of Nevada's desert. In addition to on-bike racing, there are two bonus segments that consist of fun and games back at the post-race festival. Riding a mechanical bull and participating in a tire-toss competition could be all that separates you at the end of the day.

This event is a competitive gravel/dirt/pavement event with awards for top 3 riders in various age and gender groups. Mixed-terrain gravel bikes are the best choice for this race.


New for 2023!

There is just one official route! If you're not up to the task of tackling the last climb of the day, you will have the option to bail out near Carson City on Jacks Valley Road. You will not be officially scored unless you complete the last climb of the day on the entire Paydirt route.

NOTICE! Because of a high level of snowmelt and runoff, the Carson River has been rising at a rapid rate. There are two potential modifications that we will have to make last-minute (Friday afternoon) to the start of the ride. They are minor in the grand scheme of things, but important if you intend to download the route to your device. They only affect the first 7-8 miles of the event. Below are the three routes: the original, the level-1 flood stage route, and the level-2 flood stage route. At a minimum, we will modify the course to follow the level-1 flood stage route! The water is already that high.

THE PAYDIRT (72 miles, 5,400' -- Standard Route)

THE PAYDIRT (68 miles, 5,300' -- Flood Level 1 Route)

THE PAYDIRT (69 miles, 5,000' -- Flood Level 2 Route)