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The next frontier of Gravel Racing:

The Pine Nut Mountains.

Professional Cyclist Peter Stetina discovered his love of gravel and spirit of exploration in this range. It took a lot of dead ends and calls for help, but we finally hit Paydirt. Together with Carson City, we invite you for the expedition of a lifetime.

Doing it different.

House Rules

Wahoo’s Mechanical Bull: You read that right. Wahoo will be deploying a mechanical bull ride challenge that you can use to try and gain the upper hand on your competition. How ever many seconds you can stay on this thing will become your time bonus, 1-to-1.

IRC Tire keg lasso: The Boken Doublecross is the official tire of Stetina’s Paydirt, and IRC will be managing a tire-toss in support of our creative approach to handing out time bonuses. The accuracy of your toss can help you score some critical bonus seconds.

$5,000 Women's Purse

The Shimano Women’s Paydirt Challenge is a result of many long discussions about how to tackle the problem of gender equality in cycling. Ultimately we resolved that equal payout doesn’t make up for ground lost. So at the Paydirt, the women will get center stage. There is no men's purse, but there will still be a podium, prize, and plenty of beer.

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