MAY 17

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The Pine Nut Mountains.

The Pine Nut Mountains are a rugged mountain range located to the east of Carson City, Nevada. Characterized by their distinct granite peaks, juniper woodlands, and sagebrush-covered foothills, this range stretches approximately 40 miles in length and varies in elevation, with its tallest point being Mount Siegel at over 9,400 feet. The region is not only prized for its picturesque landscapes but also its rich biodiversity. The mountains serve as a habitat for diverse wildlife including wild horses, mule deer, and various bird species. Historically used by the Washoe people for its abundant resources, the Pine Nut Mountains remain a significant landmark in Nevada, drawing outdoor enthusiasts for hiking, hunting, and camping. Stetina's Paydirt explores this rugged landscape.

Paydirt makes my top 3 list of most fun events I’ve ever attended! I love the format with 3 different timed sections that allows competitive hard racing, but also fun camaraderie and group riding in between each section. Each of the 3 racing segments were so unique and different, showcasing so much of the Carson City area- I was blown away. And the aid stations and festival post-race was next level- super tasty food cart and local beverage options with everyone hanging out in a beautiful grassy park while everyone completed their day out there. It was truly one of my most fun days of 2023.

~Heather Jackson
2023 Women's Champion


"Three timed segments. Two beautiful and challenging courses. And one mechanical bull! Stetina's Paydirt in Carson City, Nevada is a gravel race like no other.

In this video, Peter Stetina takes us out for a course preview so you can get a good sense of each segment, the overall landscape, and the feeling of the event, which will be held May 18, 2024. Joining the ride are friends like Levi Leipheimer, Clare Walton, Wayne Smith, and Nikki Peterson, who share their thoughts on tire width and strategy. Pete explains how the post-race time bonuses worked in 2023 for tossing tires and riding a mechanical bull."*

*Time for racing is no longer deducted in 2024, as additional prizes are now available for ANYONE to win at the festival games.

Long Course

69.2 Miles, 4,852 Feet

Strava | Ride With GPS (shows segments and course support)

The 2024 long course will be a return of the celebrated 2023 edition. It will include 3 segments, all detailed within the map here.

SEGMENT 1 is the longest in distance at 18 miles, and technically demanding. We tend to see the majority of our flats on this first segment of our route.

SEGMENT 2 in 2023 was host to an incredible superbloom of wildflowers. Will we be so lucky this year? We shall see.

SEGMENT 3 is the grand finale -- a climb from Jacks Valley Road to HWY 50 on Clear Creek Trail: a smooth single-track ascent. You'll get blissed out, but don't let that turn into complacency or you'll wash out on a sandy turn.

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56.5 Miles, 3,561 Feet


We have an official medium course route this year!

Participants of the medium course will ride 9 fewer miles, eliminating the Clear Creek trail segment of our ride. But you will still ride the Indian Hills segment which is INCREDIBLY FUN! Medium course competitors will be scored on 2 segments.

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Doing it different.

Festival Prime's

Wahoo’s Mechanical Bull: You read that right. Wahoo will be deploying a mechanical bull ride challenge that you can use to try and gain the upper hand on your competition. Cash and prizes will be awarded to the competitors who can stay on the longest!

IRC Tire keg lasso: The Boken Doublecross is the official tire of Stetina’s Paydirt, and IRC will be managing a tire-toss in support of our creative approach to handing out time bonuses. The accuracy of your toss will help secure the win in this festival prime.

$10,000 Women's Purse

The Shimano Women’s Paydirt Challenge is a result of many long discussions about how to tackle the problem of gender equality in cycling. Ultimately we resolved that equal payout doesn’t make up for ground lost. So at the Paydirt, the women will get center stage. There is no men's purse, but there will still be a podium, prize, and plenty of beer.

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